Editing: Laura Preston
Graphic design: Philip Reinartz
Printing: Druckerei in St. Pauli, Hamburg
Publisher: Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media

20 pages + gate fold cover, colour


“Game Camera” (2018), begins with the story of a researcher who observes the mating activities of toads. Mysteriously, the entire nest of toads has abandoned their breeding site shortly before an earthquake occured. Soon after the last significant aftershock, they successively returned. In this short story, the mythological and the real merge. In countless myths, animals like elephants, snakes, fish, scorpions or tortoises are attributed agency in causing earthquakes. Whereas in real life the creatures, adept at detecting environmental changes, provide warnings of coming seismic activity.

The publication lends its title from a pocket-sized recording device, that is commonly used in field studies of animals. Its surface often bears a camouflage pattern in order to blend with the natural environment when attached to a peg or a tree. A game camera facilitates observation without being seen. Through its monocular vision a narrative unfolds, that includes but extends beyond the world of human perception.